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Which Leash Is Best for My Dog?

September 10, 2020

When choosing a leash for your pet, not just any leash will do.

You have to think about your pet's safety and how suitable the length, strength, and durability are for them.

There are a wide variety of styles and materials on the market that promise to be the best, but which ones are safest for your pooch?

When you choose a leash and other walking tools for your furry, there are several factors to consider to make for a great leash walking experience.

Since a leash is one of the most used pet tools you'll need to select, the team at Highway Veterinary Hospital is here to provide some insight into the question, "Which leash is best for my dog?"

The Retractable Leash

Many pet owners swear by the retractable leash because they think it will give their dog more freedom when they want to explore. The retractable leash uses a mechanism that allows the leash to be let out at will by your dog, so they can go farther, but can also be locked into place for safety.

Unfortunately, there are numerous accounts of the leash snapping and causing injury to pets and people, as well as injuries from pets getting too far from their owners. Some retractable leashes are designed to extend 25 feet out, which is too far for any level of control over your pet. Others are made with weak cord material that can fray and snap. Be very cautious before using these types of leashes, or avoid them altogether.

Factors When Choosing the Best Leash

Now that we explained the caveats around retractable leashes, which type of leash is safest for your furry friend? Let's take a closer look at the factors you'll want to examine when choosing a leash.

Material: The material you choose goes a long way in the safety and durability of the leash. Traditional double woven rope or cord, as well as nylon, are good choices for long-lasting reliability. A lesser-known material like polypropylene is a great choice, as well as the popular chain and leather leashes, which are also notably durable.

Length: For small dogs, no more than 6 feet of length in the leash of your choice is recommended. 4 feet is actually better for control and safety. Larger dogs can be kept protected, yet given a bit more leeway with leashes between 6-9 feet in length. Use shorter leashes for in-town walks, while longer leashes are good for outdoor activities.

Width and weight: These are factors that correspond to your pet's size and weight. The bigger the dog, the sturdier the leash will need to be. Check the manufacturer's specs for more information.

Water and weatherproofing: These leashes are good for the messy dogs, the ones who like to swim or hike, and those who live in wet and snowy areas. They are made to be easily cleaned and come with a coating that is both water and winterproof.

Slip-over: These are the simplest form of leashes and use a slip-knot to lead your dog. These cheap leashes are often seen in veterinary waiting areas and shelters where they can be given away. In some cases, they can be convenient but are not safe or durable for longtime use.

Other Dog Leash Recommendations

Along with the leash, your pet's collar must also be sturdy, fitted, and durable. Choose a similar width, strength, and material as you choose in your leash for your pet's collar. Some dogs like to chew on rope or leather, so be aware that this tendency can cause the leash to crack or wear down over time.

Consider both comfort and safety when choosing your four-legged friend's leash, as well as your own preference in the material.

Which Leash Is Best for Your Dog and Other Questions

If you are in a quandary over the right leash for your pet, please call us. There are numerous brands and styles out there, so we can recommend a few to fit your pet's needs. Good luck in finding the perfect one!

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