Cold Laser Therapy | Highway Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD
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Quicker Recovery & Immediate Pain Relief

Dog being treated with cold laser therapyHighway Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer Class IV cold laser treatments to patients experiencing acute or chronic pain. Cold laser therapy is the latest technique developed for pet pain management, and to date, Highway Veterinary Hospital is the only clinic in Bowie that offers this cutting-edge service. It’s a highly versatile tool suitable for many types of patients because it provides a drug-free, non-invasive option and has no adverse side effects. We incorporate cold laser therapy into numerous treatments and procedures, including:

How It Works

two cats sleepingThe Class IV Laser, otherwise known as a cold laser, stimulates the body’s natural healing response. For about ten minutes per session, light is administered to the injured or painful area. The damaged cells absorb the light, prompting regrowth at an enhanced speed. As a result, the areas to which a cold laser is applied experience reduced inflammation, a reduction in pain, and an increased recovery speed.

For surgical patients, we apply the cold laser on the day of their surgery to mitigate any painful effects of their procedure. Cold laser therapy is also available in packages for long-term treatment. Once your veterinarian prescribes the frequency that your pet should receive laser therapy, you may schedule appointments directly with a veterinary nurse on any day during business hours. You may also utilize our convenient Drop & Go service to get your pet pain relief while you maintain your busy schedule.