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End-of-Life Care: Saying Goodbye

elderly dogEach pet owner must face the time when illness, injury, or old age becomes too uncomfortable for our treasured animal companions to bear. Highway Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing gentle, compassionate end-of-life care. We are here to tend to the needs of both animal and human family members. Our whole health care team will come together to support and grieve with you.

Quality of Life

There are so many painful aspects of this decision that every owner must consider. The most important question to ask is whether the patient has or could regain a strong quality of life. As animal health care providers, this is one of our primary concerns, because we strongly believe that no animal should live in pain or discomfort. As our patients age, this will become a consistent point of discussion. Together, we will assess your pet’s quality of life over time and we will help you make the most compassionate choice for your pet.


girl hugging a catOnce the decision has been made, we pledge to give you the time and space you need to proceed. We offer end-of-life appointments wherever you feel most comfortable, whether that is in your home or at our hospital. If you choose our clinic, your appointment will be at the end of the day when our facility is the most quiet. You will get some peaceful moments with your pet and we’ll exchange stories about the many treasured moments you’ve had.

We will all say our goodbyes and try our best to let your pet know how very loved he or she was by all. We invite you to participate in whatever way feels right to you. And when you are ready, we will discuss whether burial or cremation is the best option for you. We have each, personally experienced this moment, and we will be by your side every step of the way.