Pet Diagnostics | Highway Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD
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Trust Us with Your Pet’s Diagnosis

woman with glasses hugging a dogThe pet health approach of Highway Veterinary Hospital is to combine physical exams with an array of diagnostic tools to understand and enhance your pet’s health. Diagnostic tests often warn us of possible dangers before they can be visually observed which makes routine testing a cornerstone of preventive medicine. For the convenience of our valued patients and clients, Highway Veterinary Hospital has gathered key diagnostic equipment under one roof to minimize the wait for answers and expedite treatments.

On-Site Laboratory

cat in a mature woman's lapThe entire health care team at Highway Veterinary Hospital uses the latest in-house laboratory equipment to better assess the health of your pet. This resource provides our veterinarians with fast, accurate results that can aid in a timely diagnosis for critically ill patients. The in-house laboratory provides hematology, blood chemistry, and urinalysis results with minimal turnaround time. Our laboratory plays a key role in:

  • Preventive care programs—Test routinely to provide a baseline and allow for early detection of changes or abnormalities in your pet’s health.
  • Sick visits—Blood work screenings reveal changes or abnormalities in your pet’s health. Tests will be run to check for infection, organ dysfunction, or toxins.
  • Surgery—Lab tests are run for all patients prior to surgery to determine their compatibility with anesthesia.

dog peeking over a wood table outdoorsHighway Vet also partners with IDEXX Laboratories to provide an extensive menu of diagnostic testing options including routine lab work, parasitology, serology, microbiology and histopathology services.


An ECG is a screening tool that is primarily used when a patient is over ten years of age or when we suspect a patient has a heart condition. We will digitally relay the results of the ECG and cardiac radiograph to a board-certified veterinary cardiology. Expert advice on heart conditions is usually available within 24 hours without pets and pet owners needing to travel elsewhere for answers.