Pet Dental Care | Highway Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD
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The Place for Top-Quality Pet Dental Care

cat yawningOur mission at Highway Veterinary Hospital is to combine superior service with truly comprehensive diagnoses and treatments. We’ve made sure that the best veterinary medicine is conveniently available all in one place and that includes providing dental care that sets the bar for excellence in our area. All of our dental procedures meet or exceed the rigorous standards as mandated by the American Animal Hospital Association. Our equipment is comparable to human-grade tools and the care we provide our patients mirrors the attention to detail and personal concern that you’d receive from your own dentist.

Preventing Dental Disease

Dental examinations are an important part of every patient’s tailored preventive care program. We visually inspect your pet’s teeth and mouth for signs of dental disease and other common oral problems. If we see something of concern, we may recommend a dental scaling to eliminate harmful bacteria. We may also recommend digital dental x-rays to determine if there are any dangers hiding below the gum line, since fifty percent of dental disease occurs below the gum line.

We also plot a dental home care routine that works best for you and your pet. Home care is one of the most effective means to prevent periodontal disease, minimize the need for professional teeth cleaning, and preserve the long-term health of your pet. Ask our health care team about the easiest ways to incorporate brushings, pet chewables, or special diets into your pet’s daily schedule.

Dental Procedures

boy hugging a dog holding a ball in its mouthAll of our dental procedures are packaged deals and leave no detail unaddressed. All dental patients receive a thorough blood screening to assess their compatibility with anesthetics. We utilize digital dental radiography to acquire a complete picture of their dental health, and maintain these records for reference during future visits. If your pet needs dental surgery, they will receive optimal pain management with laser therapy treatments and prescriptions from our pharmacy.