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Meet first donation recipient from Big Red Doghouse Foundation

... and the winner is -- The Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland! 

Thank YOU to all who have joined the Client Rewards Program; your support made this gift possible! ❤🐶

It's finally happened! After months and months of planning, we have made our very first donation through the Big Red Doghouse Foundation (BRDF) to a charitable organization helping animals in need! It's so very exciting! 

The Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland is the first recipient of a $1,500 donation from the BRDF. This local organization, located in Severn, MD, is the passionate idea of the Lynch family and their amazing group of volunteers. The Organization is already realizing their five year goals in only their second year of existence! Congratulations Senior Dog Sanctuary; we are humbled by the work that you all do every day to better the lives of our sweet senior dog friends. 

To learn more about the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland, click here




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