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Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with 20% SAVINGS

Help us celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month in February!

Schedule your pet for a DENTAL PROPHY in the month of February and you will receive a 20% DISCOUNT off the dental services!

If we have recommended a dental prophy for your pet in the past, February is the time to do it at a 20% SAVINGS!

All dental prophys, dental x-rays, tooth extractions, and dental home care products will be DISCOUNTED 20% in recognition of National Pet Dental Health Month in February

PLUS, receive FREE dental home care products from Hill's Prescription Diet when getting a dental prophy while supplies last! 

WooHoo - Better breath at a 20% savings! 



25% OFF Spay & Neuter Program

We want to celebrate your new addition with you - by offering a discount! 

Receive 25% OFF your pet's spay or neuter surgery when you bring them here for their puppy or kitten series prior to their surgery! 

We love to see puppies and kittens! Give them a great start for a lifetime of preventive care by bringing them to visit us early as possible. We do an excellent job with giving lots of hugs and kisses and treats too! We have an amazing team of cuddlers to offer your new baby a very positive experience for their first veterinary visit! We would love to meet them! 

See you soon!