preventive careIn previous generations, veterinary care focused mainly on treating an animal’s illness or disease after it developed. Today’s veterinary professionals recognize the importance of preventive care for creating a better quality of life and increased longevity for our sweet pets.

At the core of preventive care lies the regularly scheduled check-up (once or twice per year, depending on your pet’s age and health status). More than just an opportunity to administer vaccines, the preventive care exam is the foundation of your pet’s long-term health care plan.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

Taking a proactive approach to your pet’s health is what the preventive care exam is all about. When we see your pet on a regular basis, we’re able to screen for, diagnose, and treat potential health problems before they get out of hand. This not only leads to a better prognosis for your pet, it can save you money in medical bills down the road.

What to Expect at a Preventive Care Exam

Although we take your pet’s age, sex, and breed into consideration, your pet’s preventive care is tailored to him or her specifically. During a typical preventive (or formerly known as wellness) check-up, the following factors are assessed:

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Musculoskeletal changes
  • Health and quality of the skin and coat
  • Teeth and gum health
  • Examination of the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Internal organ health
  • Palpating abdomen, legs, etc., for the presence of growths or tumors

Additional diagnostic testing, such as blood work or X-rays, may be recommended based on what we find during the exam.

Pet Owners Benefit Too

At Highway Veterinary Hospital, we believe that pet owner education is a big part of preventive care. Understanding how to better care for your pet through establishing positive daily care routines, such as exercise habits, home dental care, behavioral adjustments, and age-appropriate enrichment activities, will keep your pet functioning at his or her peak health and deepen the bond you share.

You know your pet better than anyone else, which is why you are an integral part of his or her care team! During each preventive care exam, we encourage you to bring up any questions or concerns you may have, or any changes you may have noticed in appearance and behavior.

Your furry best friend deserves a lifetime of happiness and health. Please call your team at Highway Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment or to inquire about our services. We look forward to seeing you and your sweet pet!