How Pet Lovers Can Give Back on Thanksgiving is by volunteering with pets

Whether it’s our health or beloved family and friends, Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are in many different ways. For pet lovers, recognizing and appreciating the numerous ways animals impact our lives is what Thanksgiving is all about. Taking that sense of gratitude a step further, the team at Highway Veterinary Hospital wants to explore ways to give back this holiday season. We hope you’ll join us!  

Inspired Warmth

Pets remind us that we’re lucky to have a place to call home. They keep our favorite chairs warm while we’re away and love us without condition. All of the support and companionship they provide unites pet lovers and informs our interactions with other people each and every day.

Lend a Hand

Many pets and people live their lives under vastly different circumstances. While we can collectively count the many ways we’re thankful this holiday season, we can also shine a light for others who have experienced unfortunate setbacks.

Pet lovers who want to help others this November have a variety of options from which to choose. The City of Bowie is always looking for individuals to help elderly or disabled residents, lead a scout project, or organize a stream cleaning. Additionally, the Bowie Community Theatre, Maryland Book Bank, Ruth’s House of MD, and Sarah’s House may be a good fit for you.

Don’t forget, the Bowie Food Pantry is always looking for donations and volunteers. Check them out!

Pet Lovers Volunteer

For pet lovers, working with or or in service to animals is a dream come true. In fact, there are few things pet lovers enjoy more! To give back to the ones we love the most, we recommend the following opportunities:

A Good Neighbor

Most people are aware of the ways they can be better neighbors. However, some of us need a proper nudge or two to get the ball rolling. Ring your neighbor’s doorbell before heading to the store. Ask if they need anything while you’re out. You may also offer your assistance around the home, like raking leaves or replacing light bulbs.

Random or on Purpose?

Additionally, random acts of kindness always have a magical sort of ripple effect on others. Leave a bouquet of flowers for a complete stranger. Prepare a home cooked meal for a coworker. Drop off some cozy blankets at the animal shelter. The ideas are endless!

Love Goes Around

However you decide to make an impact this Thanksgiving, we’re sure your pet will approve of your thoughtful efforts. Speaking of your pet, what might they like or need this time of year? Perhaps an entire day spent enjoying each other’s company? Maybe some extra special homemade treats? What about a soothing bath and haircut?

Your pet helps you stay healthy and happy every day of the year. They deserve something just for them!

Here at Highway Veterinary Hospital, we strongly believe in community involvement. If you have additional questions or want more suggestions on ways to give back this holiday season, we encourage you to contact us.